Custom Trip Types

Charter411 allows fully customizable trip options for both inshore and offshore trips. Whatever a given outfit is able to do, from the conventional to the outrageous, Charter411 creates a trip type directory for it all.

For example:

  •  Offshore
  •  Inshore
  •  Fly-Fishing
  •  Backwater
  •  Cruising
  •  Sailing

Book Trips

Easy to use interface allows the client to select a given trip type and date, and match it with a boat at the click of a button. Charter 411 processes all of the given requests and finds a match within seconds. Scheduling is made effortless with Charter411 because the Captain enters in his/her availability months in advance and the website maintains and adds trips as they arrive with no overlapping, conflicts, or errors.

The system supports Multi-Party bookings, such as head-boats, cruises, and long-range multi-day fishing trips.

Boat Information

Boat description and details including photos, 'Do Not Book' dates, boat owner(s), contact information, amenities, size, make and model. This feature is totally customizable, so a Captain or boat owner can add any feature or information they wish to add about their boat.

Captain List

This feature allows booking agents to list multiple Captains in a neatly organized order and fashion. Each Captain on the list can have a full biography and a personal profile. Like with all of the features of Charter411 this feature is customizable with the click of a button. The Captains also have the ability to log in and view their upcoming trips or enter “DNB” dates into their calendar.

Online Store

You can setup your own store front to sell T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs, and just about anything elese. Let you customers order those products at any time!

Fishing Reports

Easy to access fishing reports for clients to view daily. The fishing reports are broken down by individual Captain, and you have the option to add their personal fishing report to the master list daily. This is as detailed, or simple as the Captain desires his reports to be. Along with the information, photos are easily uploaded as attachments with their respective report. Potential clients are able to research reports on any date.

Photo Gallery

An entire photo gallery can be created within minutes. The photo gallery can be broken into sections, for example: bottom fishing, trolling, fly-fishing, etc., with every section containing photos of the given trip type.

In addition to the photographs, you can add any additional information about the trip and photograph. This information will then be found at the bottom of the photo detailing the day's events.

Online Discussion Forum

A discussion forum is devoted specifically for your Charter operation. Your customers and you can have open discussions in the Online Community.

Fish Species / Season

With Charter411 it is easy to access and create information on any type of fish species. From giant blue marlin to largemouth bass, a photograph of the given species along with information on its table fare, fighting ability, environment, and much more are created under this link. Also, an easy to read chart showing the abundance of a species is broken down month by month to further inform potential clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy to use feature allows you to create your own personalized frequently asked questions section. You can post a master list of questions, with the answers, for any customers to see well in advance of their trip date.

Weather Links

Charter411 allows weather links to be added for anyone visiting the site to use and see. Depending on a given region, weather plays a prominent role in the clients’ prior knowledge of what to expect when arriving at the docks.

Income and Expenses

You can create income/expense reports that allow you to keep track of expenses based on the charter operation, boat, or on a trip level.

Booking Agent Reports

Charter 411 allows you to enter a date and view all of the trip types and categories booked during that time period. Scheduling conflicts are avoided well ahead of time, and future scheduling is simplified and organized. In addition, the list of Charter Captains and their price breakdown are also available and print ready with the click of a button. Other charts and reports that are generated automatically by Charter411 include accounts receivable, DNB report, cancellation report, booking summary and details, and many others.


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